Welcoming You Back With A Warm Embrace

As you and some of our regular readers will know, our personal blog writer is one for offbeat - sometimes even moderately amusing - titles for the blog posts. Not this month: instead we welcome you back to our way of living after the global pandemic.

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At the start of the year we thought the Christmas hangover of excess weight gain and trying to get out the habit of having mould wine for a breakfast tipple was bad enough, little did we know what was to come in 2020.

One of the highlights of the year so far is hoping an email finds someone well or maybe you have enjoyed  the overuse of the term: 'unprecedented times.' 

We were expecting the year to be full of intellectual discussions over dinner in a luxury villa, with a plethora of fruitful topics such as Brexit, the US/China trade dispute or maybe the election of Donald Trump - that has so dominated the news agenda - whether that would have gone down well in amongst your roast Lamb and Veg on a Sunday afternoon we will never know as the one topic of discussion that has had many implications for millions of people across the world is of course, Coronavirus.

Implications such as how business owners have had to make huge sacrifices, such as people losing their jobs or even having to close their business permanently. Perhaps your one of the lucky ones who have held onto your company or your job by the skin of your teeth - we have all been affected in some way, shape or form.

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The travel industry was one of the first casualties after COVID-19 restrictions were put in place. From airlines collapsing to holiday resorts closing, it was an industry that was in a pit of misery. 

As a result, our team at Regency Luxury Villas have worked effectively and efficiently from home. Obviously we had had to implement our own changes to ensure our clients and villa owners were kept up to date, our hard work has enabled us to turn the corner.

While the pandemic is not at an end by any stretch of the imagination and protective measures are being taken, the travel industry is slowly and steadily getting back to a new normal along with the rest of the world.

Who would have thought that in the seventh month in the calendar, you would be forgiven for thinking that you haven't either enjoyed the finer things you had planned in 2020 such as: luxury family holidays, romantic getaways or just some rest and relaxation.

Thus, the impending return of many tourists and those who are lucky to live here admit that there is no better place than The Algarve. Luxurious areas such as Quinta Do Lago, Vale Do Lobo and Vilamoura are regarded as the region's most high-end communities drenched in year-round sunshine - this is an area of the world that is number one choice for many that may be in search of their first break away this year.

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After being contained in your homes for weeks and some of us now venturing back to work, the things we have missed and craved so dearly is the chance to hop on a plane and embark on affordable, right? 

If you're new to the Algarve scene, you will certainly enjoy looking at our carefully selected luxury holiday Villas in Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo and Vilamoura along with other beautiful areas of Portugal - you have the ability to discover the charms and delights this wonderful country has to offer all year round.

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Whether we see you soon on Algarvian shores or when you feel the time is right to travel once again, Regency Luxury Villas are ready with a selection of stunning luxury Villa rentals in Portugal to match your requirements.  

We await your warm embrace soon...