Group Therapy Awaits in the Algarve

Whether you are looking to book your next family adventure, birthday jubilation, wedding day extravaganza or just simply spending quality time with a selection of treasured friends abroad, the allure of first class group therapy is never far away here in The Algarve.

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The best holidays aren't always about where you go, it's who you spend your time with that produces the most memorable holiday you will ever have.

It's easy when everyone is in agreement about what they want to do, but there will also be times when someone might not fancy paragliding across the Mediterranean sea, due to drinking the equivalent of half the ocean in strawberry daiquiris the night before…

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Planning a holiday for a large group of people with different tastes, needs and budgets will evidently become complex, none more so in the current climate of a global pandemic. 

As our name suggests, we possess vast experience in providing luxury accommodation for a multitude of group sizes for your stay here in The Algarve. In addition to your five star living arrangements, our expert eye and helping hand ensures we cater for additional services you may require.

We are best placed to give you a couple of helpful tips when it comes to booking your next group holiday....


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Communication is the key to an enjoyable holiday abroad, especially when it comes to group planning. While one person may take charge and act as the spokesperson for the holiday preparation, it is still worth ensuring every member of the group has the chance to input their ideas and is happy with how it will all come together. It goes without saying that poor communication can lead to people being disappointed by decisions if opinions aren't considered which ultimately causes members of the party to feel left out. Whereas effective communication from start to finish ensures everyone is on the same page and the group holiday will prove to be a success for all involved.

There of course needs to be a whole lot of compromise. While good communication is key, it is not always possible to please everyone. When possible, it is important not to outright discard any person's point of view and instead search for middle-ground. Ensuring everyone has had a chance to contribute to an overall discussion and know their viewpoints have been considered will be beneficial in your quest to have a problem-free experience. 

It is also worth noting that sometimes members of your group may want to branch out and do their own thing and rejoin the party at a later point. While some may want to invest in rest and relaxation on the beach, others may fancy a round of golf and explore the activities on offer. 

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At all stages of planning, thorough research is important - our team can help you with the process. From destinations, accommodation and activities, Portugal offers something unique and very special compared to almost anywhere else in the world. 

Luxurious areas in Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo and Vilamoura offer outstanding restaurants, world class beaches and stunning golf courses, vibrant cities and lively nightlife - all within social distancing measures of course - it is easy to understand why so many of our clients return to their very own paradise each year.

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As different members of the group are likely to have differing budgets, it is also useful to contact us about costs available for our luxury accommodation and other relevant information before starting to discuss potential options. 

Do you need inspiration or help planning your next group therapy here in the Algarve? Contact Regency Luxury Villas today to register your interest.