Tips For A Magical Christmas Abroad in The Algarve

Christmas time is often a period for family traditions, creating new memories amongst all the sparkly decorations and presents under the tree. But now more than ever, the allure of a festive break abroad is proving too tempting for some. In this article we look at some tips for a magical Christmas abroad, right here in the Algarve's golden triangle.

Many of us like the comfort of a Christmas at home, but perhaps one year you have always wanted to do Christmas time in a warm weather country to experience something different?

We all associate the festive season with memories from yesteryear with those we hold dear. But next Christmas could be the one where you jet off to pastures new and explore local Algarve traditions, why not bring those you hold dear with you too for a luxury Christmas experience like no other!

Nonetheless, why wait until next year. If you are of the spontaneous nature, there is still time in December and the lead up to Christmas 2023 to book your luxury accommodation in the splendour realms of Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo or Vilamoura…

While you consider that proposition, here are some tips for you to consider for Christmas in the Algarve:


Luxury Villa To Rent In Vale Do LoboThe Christmas Presents

Planning the opening of everyone's Christmas presents can be a task in itself. Do we open them before the Christmas dinner or after? Do we have to wait for certain family members to arrive? Are we going to open presents as soon as we get up in the morning (once Santa has been)? All valid questions, with an array of different answers depending on traditions and family ties.

For a Christmas break abroad, you could bring your presents with you and decide when to open them in the comfort of luxuriousness, as most of your family will hopefully be joining you on your escape to warmer climes. Furthermore, you could even open them outside in the sunshine in comfortable temperatures, a first for many we imagine!

Of course, you could do a spot of Christmas shopping while you are here, which saves space in the suitcase when you arrive. You might just have to account for a suitcase purchase for the way home with all the gifts you will be buying!

There are pros and cons to each situation, you could even open your presents at home before you head to the airport and jump on a plane to paradise. The preference is really down to you and your family, but this option at least could present two Christmas experiences for you to enjoy and look back on in future years.


Luxury Villa To Rent In VilamouraChristmas decorations for festive feel good and comfort
What is the best way to feel all festive and homely? Christmas decorations, of course!
We understand that your holiday rental accommodation needs to feel festive, albeit in a new and somewhat unfamiliar location at this time of year. However, our luxury villas provide plenty of space for you to get creative with your decorations ahead of Christmas Day. Again, you could pack decorations along with your presents in your suitcase if there are special decorations that are a part of your traditions.

Either way, we suggest when it comes to choosing your decorations such as baubles, it's best to avoid traditional glass and plastic ornaments, as these are bulky and breakable inside suitcases. Instead, opt for a more durable design such as fabric that is easier to transport. The same applies to tinsel decorations which may easily make a mess in your case, a better option could be ribbon and ultimately save on space too.

Otherwise, to avoid packing too much and limiting your luggage allowance, The Algarve celebrates Christmas time just as much as you do back home. Christmas trees, mistletoe and a variety of other decorations are available in independent shops or superstores across Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo and Vilamoura.


Luxury Villa To Rent In The AlgarveThe Family Christmas Dinner

Our luxury villa rentals luckily provide all you need and more to serve up one of the most favoured traditions of the year, Christmas Day dinner!

Benefit from local cuisine if you are curious about trying something new, or stick to what you know and collect all the ingredients you need to make this time of year more special than ever before with all your family around you.

If you don't fancy cooking for a large group of people, why not explore the plethora of best in class bars and restaurants taking bookings during the festive season, some of which are Michelin starred!


Explore local festive traditions

The Algarve partakes in its own Christmas traditions from cuisine through to local events happening throughout December. It pays to do your research before your festive break to see what ones you want to experience. Fun for all the family!

So, if possible, immerse yourself in the local culture by exploring further. If you're interested in learning more about Christmas traditions and celebrations around the golden triangle, Regency Luxury Villas are happy to recommend.


Luxury Villa To Rent In PortugalKeep in touch with those back home

If for whatever reason family members or friends you have invited on your luxury Christmas break can't make it, be sure to touch base with them on Christmas Day sending love from The Algarve.

Make your celebrations extra special with those who might be missing you back home with a video call at a time that is convenient for you and them.

Spending Christmas in The Algarve with loved ones can be a lot of fun and something different even if it's just the once, but there are some things you need to consider. Making certain decisions in advance, such as when to open your presents and where to eat, will take a load off your mind in what can be a stressful time dealing with excited children.

For an extra-special Christmas experience, discover your luxury rental accommodation options via the website and contact us with any special requests you may have in advance. Our team will do our best to help you enjoy the holiday season in luxury.

On behalf of the team at Regency Luxury Villas, we take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024 to come!

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