Predicting The Future With a Sense of Optimism

Imagine if we had a crystal ball where you could predict the future of the world we live in. While many of us might suddenly want to rush out and buy a lottery ticket, being able to see into the future certainly would have come in handy for all of us fighting a global pandemic this year…

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With only a short time until the end is near to a disastrous year, the month of November throws up Lockdown 2. This has subsequently put a block on what has already seen limited chances to embark on travel in 2020 - something that has long been a distant memory in the current climate for many of us. 

Thus, is there any sense of optimism or a small positive to cling on to for the new year ahead, when it comes to planning a well-deserved holiday abroad.

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A recent social media campaign set up by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) inspiring people for future holiday plans in the midst of uncertainty, recorded that 92 percent of surveyed cruisers said COVID-19 would not put them off booking a holiday for the future - a sense of optimism perhaps?

A very small bonus of being placed in lockdown once more is using your spare time effectively, whether that be tending to your home with improvements, finishing those odd jobs you never got round to doing or simply spending time with your family, the latest 'stay at home' debacle also poses the opportunity to really consider what you desire from your next holiday.

Nonetheless, with so much uncertainty ahead, it's difficult to predict whether planning for future travel is viable or are we setting ourselves up for potential disappointment? 

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Travel Expert Ant Clarke Cowell, from travel booking site HolidayExtras spoke to The Express in a recent interview, indicating he remained optimistic about travel in the near future.

"British holidaymakers want to get back to travelling as soon as it's safe to do so" he said.

"Travel and tourism account for a large part of the global economy - the Maldives makes the majority of its money from tourism and even in Europe tourism accounts for approximately a third of the economy; 20 percent in Iceland, 20 percent in Greece and 15percent in Spain.

"So there are enormous incentives not just for travel companies and insurers but also governments to work together and find solutions that get people who want to travel back on planes as soon as it's safe to do so."

The travel expert remains hopeful for the future, concluding: "Our market research tells us that people are keen to get back to holidaying, so we expect people to start getting on planes as soon as it's safe to do so."

Regency Luxury Villas are of course abiding to government guidelines here in Algarve, Portugal with the safety of holidaymakers and property owners being of paramount importance.

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Travel is a huge part of society, not only for enjoyment and relaxation but also to see different cultures, meet new people and experience once in a lifetime opportunities within the luxurious villa-rental areas of Quinta Do Lago, Vale Do Lobo and Vilamoura.

If you are beginning the search for your 2021 holiday, The Algarve is high on the agenda for many returning tourists who have experienced the charms and delights of pre-pandemic paradise. 

Unfortunately, we are still to locate our crystal ball with the future locked inside, but one thing we can guarantee is a selection of stunning luxury properties available for hire in Portugal. We endeavour to match your personal requirements during your stay with us.

Why not give yourself something to look forward to for the new year and plan your future holiday with Regency Luxury Villas, we'll give you the sense of optimism you need in unprecedented times.