Popular Events Near Quinta Do Lago

Other than being one of the renowned regions of the golden triangle, Quinta do Lago is known for hosting spectacular concerts, medieval festivals, traditional fairs, party nights, and international gourmet.

With the global pandemic putting paid to many events being cancelled over the previous year, it's only right we look at some of the popular events that our holidaymakers love to enjoy and embrace as the world opens up further and normality resumes - here are our top three events near Quinta do Lago!

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Medieval Paderne

Held at the end of each year in Albufeira, a nearby coastal city, Medieval Paderne lasts until the start of January. The event enables tourists and locals alike to go back in time as the medieval market is recreated.

The event involves activities such as: sword fights, donkey rides, belly dancers, and parades. You can also browse arts and crafts stands showcasing some of the finest regional gastronomy. There is even a procession that highlights the Letter of Donation by Dom Dinis, the then-king of the region.

If you enjoy history and partaking in culture, Medieval Paderne is worth attending. You will have to dress the part to ensure that you soak up the atmosphere and experience what life was once like back in time.

Carnival of Loule

The Carnival of Loule is widely known across the continent and attracts thousands of spectators each year. Watch in awe as the streets of Loule are packed with people wearing face masks (not the COVID type!) during the colder part of the year.

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The celebration first began in 1906 and has been going strong since. As a result, the region satirises major economic, political, and social events of the previous year for three consecutive days. Carnival floats packed with various entertainment are built to bring the area to life.

There are all sorts of activities that you can participate in to have fun. Every year there is a different theme and once again it pays to dress up accordingly. Expect to see giant puppets, entertainers, dancers, samba groups, and lots of food when you visit.

Everyone is encouraged to go all out for the ultimate mardi-gra atmosphere.

Black and White Night

For an experience like no other, it's time to head to the nearby town of Carvoeiro from Quinta Do Lago to attend Black and White Night.

There are different themes observed throughout the area where you can dance to some of the best local and traditional music of our time. Families are encouraged to participate and let their hair down for a fabulous evening full of entertainment and culture.

Although most of the festivities are located next to the beach, mini stages are set up near all major roads to give everyone the opportunity to get involved with the festivities - expect to see dancers, street entertainers, and clowns enjoying the fun.

This event kick-starts the summer and is all about going wild and partying the night away while wearing your favourite black and white gear - embrace your freedom once more and allow the celebrations to take over. 

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What do you have planned for Summer 2022?

If you are undecided on your summer plans or yet to book your sunshine holiday abroad, have you considered Quinta do Lago as your next port of call?

Now that you know about some of the most popular events nearby or you simply want to partake in the life of luxury for a week or two, the golden triangle is the place to be.

Perhaps you are looking to plan your very own special celebration or a one-of-a-kind event, such as a birthday or anniversary? All you have to do is tell us what you want to achieve and our team at Regency Luxury Villas will work with you to create and deliver the event of your dreams.