Exercising The Opportunity to Explore Algarve’s Finest Towns

The new year 2022 is finally here and with it comes a chance to reflect on what we hope to achieve in the preceding 12 months ahead. While some will be thinking about hitting the gym this January, others will already be planning those summer trips abroad to hit the beaches rather than the exercise benches. Live the best of both worlds by exercising your right to explore Algarve's finest towns.

If your new year's resolution is to get fit and work on your summer body, the Algarve is the place to flaunt it!

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The opportunity to go on holiday has been few and far between over the past couple of years but with the introduction of the Covid passport and testing being available, getting away to that dream location is becoming ever more possible again.
One of the most beautiful regions of Portugal is the Algarve, with its golden sands and blue waters at the foot of their high, scenic limestone rocks, it's a popular destination for many holidaymakers. If you have been here before, you will know what we are talking about!

Within the country's southernmost region, lies luxury locations in and around Quinta Do Lago, Vale Do Lobo & Vilamoura, and they have plenty to offer to suit your needs, drawing you back again and again. With over 16 towns within the Algarve, tourists have such a wide selection of attractions to visit that it can be hard to choose what to do in a limited amount of time. We've chosen three enchanting towns to visit during your stay…

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A town that is widely regarded as the prettiest in the Algarve, Tavira is a popular spot for tourists to visit for the perfect getaway. The Ilha de Tavira beach isn't far from the town and is a perfect spot for relaxing, with a number of restaurants situated a short walk away so you won't go hungry!
The history of Tavira is evident as you walk through the alleys and past the white walls and red roofs, a castle on top of a hill dating back to thousands of years that has been partially rebuilt, giving you a view that will have your Instagram followers envious.
As well as the castle, there's also what is known as the 'Roman Bridge' that connects Tavira to Castro Marim, which the Romans supposedly used. The bridge was reconstructed in the 17th century and remains one of the most famous symbols in Tavira.
There's a fantastic selection of restaurants in Tavira that offer a blend of native Portuguese food with modern dishes too. Such restaurants include O Tonel and Noélia & Jerónimo or if you wanted to splash out and really taste what Portugal has to offer, then Fábrica do Costa is the place to visit.

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If you're looking for an adventure and some hiking, we recommend you visit the wonderful Monchique, famous for their wooden chairs, wickerwork, cork articles, lacework and more!
Monchique offers visitors to the Algarve something a little different to the beaches and busy streets, with their residents numbering as little as 6000 and where the town successfully steered clear of developers, it makes it the perfect area to visit to get away from the hustle and bustle.
Monchique is a peaceful little market town where hikers can travel to with ease, and you can make your way to the highest point of the Algarve by visiting Mount Fóia (you can take a taxi if needed). The view from the top of Mount Fóia is enchanting, and if you catch the timing just right the sunset walk can be as romantic as it is rewarding.
The town itself has a quaint feel to it, with the cobbled streets sitting between the cottage-like houses that are beautifully coloured and give the town some character. Monchique is a place you can visit without a plan, as the scenic beauty can leave you spending hours there, wandering through their alleys and coming across its sights such as the fountains in thesquares, or the standalone church called 'Igreja Matriz de Monchique'.

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The town of Silves is rich in history having been the capital of the Algarve back in Moorish times. With their cobbled streets and a castle that's been so well-reserved, it will really feel like you've gone back through time as you venture the town.
As well as the Castle of Silves, you can also visit the Silves Cathedral and the Archaeological museum which is home to Roman, Phoenician, and of course, Moorish materials. If you're in the Algarve during August, you may find yourself seeing the Medieval Festival that lasts for 9 whole days. The locals change the scenery of the castle and there's some great entertainment on display for a cheap price!
With the town built on a hill, the journey around the area can be quite tiring so it's lucky you're spoilt for choice when it comes to food, with a variety of restaurants available that serve locally sourced Portuguese dishes, fresh off the boat!

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These locations are all within an hour of luxurious places such as Quinta Do Lago, Vale Do Lobo and Vilamoura. They offer a magnitude of things to do, things to see and you'll always find a way to spend your time whatever the occasion!
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Your new year's resolution for 2022 should be to get out there and exercise the opportunity to explore Algarve's Towns, work on your summer body and book the holiday of a lifetime we are ready when you are!