How to Pack For a Summer Holiday in Algarve

The summer season is FINALLY in full swing and your upcoming holiday with family or friends awaits! But before you can enjoy a week or more of sunshine and embrace a carefree lifestyle, the dreaded p-word needs to be completed!


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Lets face it, nobody enjoys packing their suitcase and deciding what to include for a vacation abroad, even worse when you have to pack it again when it's time to come home - but these things must be done to ensure you have a wonderful time and the essentials are within your grasp.

Did you ever play the childhood game "in my bag I packed"?

You know, when one person says "I packed my bag and in it I put...", and names any object. The next person then says "I packed my bag and in it I put...", followed by the original suggestion, before adding their own.

This blog serves a helpful reminder as to what essentials you will need for your luxury summer holiday and what should be going in your bag. We have broken it down into four sections for ease…

Passports, Boarding Passes and Insurance Documents

An obvious and arguably the most important one on this list. Without these documents your holiday could start and end quickly at your home airport as you wave off the other passengers checking in. Make sure Passports and boarding passes are to hand and in a safe place throughout your journey from home to the golden triangle along with Visa and other holiday documentation - if you are concerned about coronavirus, our team can help assist or recommend a course of action with any travel insurance policies.

Phone Chargers and Electronics

You won't be the only one who can't go a day without checking their phone for news and social media updates. But imagine if you forgot your phone charger, then what?

To save the pain and struggle of low battery, make sure a phone charger is in your hand luggage or suitcase. Perhaps you also want to bring your Kindle, iPad or other relevant electronic device? You may also need an appropriate plug adaptor.

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Appropriate Clothing

Unless you are just bringing electrical equipment on holiday, we hope that the majority of your case will be packed with appropriate summer wear for warm weather. Shirts, t-shirts, shorts, dresses and swimwear are the order of the day.

If you are looking to experience Algarve culture through local restaurants and bars, you may want to include some smart-casual wear, furthermore if you want to relax beside the pool or head down to the beach for watersports you will certainly need your swimming costumes!

Sun hats and sunglasses are other essentials you will be pleased to have packed. Also, don't forget to bring a jumper or two if you get chilly at night time.

Sunscreen and Mosquito Repellant

With almost no rainfall across the summer months, the luxury regions of Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo and Vilamoura peak at 12 hours of sunlight a day with limited cloud cover, meaning you will experience a very warm climate.

Temperatures can hit as high as 30°C in July, ranging upwards from the mid-20s. So, it's important that you bring a sensible sunscreen factor you are comfortable with to eradicate painful sunburn.

It's important to also not spend too long in the midday Algarve sunlight. As this can result in sunstroke and dehydration. The last place you want to visit is the local hospital. Furthermore, once the sun sets, the mosquitos could take a shine to you. So it's worth purchasing repellent to keep them away and reduce any itchy bites over the course of your holiday.

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Where will you be heading this Summer?

If you are thinking about packing a bag for a trip of a lifetime, you will surely have your destination in mind. Nonetheless, we encourage you to browse our website for our carefully selected luxury villa rentals within Quinta Do Lago, Vale Do Lobo and Vilamoura.

It's time to pack your bags, so be sure to include these summertime essentials and enjoy creating special moments with the ones that matter most all over again this summer!